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Positive Transitions

Change...for the better



Time to renew for faculty

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 6:00 PM
Hello fellow faculty,
Summer is traditionally the time for faculty to renew through faculty development offerings, quiet time to reflect for writing and planning for the new academic year, or catching up on family networks.  Many of you are preparing for CNE certification, perhaps honing skills in item writing or test construction, or adding to your clinical expertise with practice options in your specialty field of nursing.  These are all important elements of maintaining currency and scholarship that are essential to your role as a faculty member in nursing.  I would be happy to hear your concerns about your needs and how they are being met in the marketplace.  Please feel free to comment on how you satisfy your development needs and your plans to achieve certification...your feedback is important in helping me provide workshops and seminars that are timely and useful.  Thank you and all the best for a summer of renewal and revitalization.
Dr. Gambardella

Categories: nurse faculty role